Industry : Fashion

Client Business :

The client has a fashion label in Pune by the name ‘Ichha’. The brand specializes in Sustainable fashion (Organic) for Women. They had a requirement for the entire Branding and Communication Service in order to create brand awareness for their unique concept and designs in the fashion market.

Objectives :

To create brand awareness and generate a wide spread reach of their unique concepts and designs.

Our Solution :

After a few sittings with the client to understand their mission, vision & demands, our team commenced the work for re-branding by firstly creating a LOGO that would justify the brand name as well as the client’s vision for the brand.

Upon the approval of the logo, the same theme was used across all of their Stationery such as the Visiting card, Letter head, Envelope, Bill book, Price tags, Packaging, Hoarding, and Standee as well as other branding materials. This enabled us to effectively present ‘Ichha’ as a premium brand as it sought to become. It helped them gain a more professional approach.

We simultaneously started work on creating a website for the brand, as having an active web presence makes the brand more approachable for its customers.

With respect to generating a customized Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy for the brand our creative teams put everything together to maximize its reach especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Our team has made sure that the client’s requirements and the brand’s USP were well highlighted as was their product. This was made possible with the use of images provided by the client, together with creative designs by our team; all of which was done keeping in mind the credibility as well as client satisfaction.